Hi, I'm Jeanmarie, Board Certified Patent Advocate   

I am passionate about helping people develop greater agency over their health and healthcare experience through a process that both relieves and empowers them. A cancer survivor myself (and a caregiver to my mother who was diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma), I know first hand the emotional, physical and financial burdens of a serious illness.

I specialize in individualized patient education, care coordination and health coaching for people with a spectrum of health challenges. From lifestyle changes like improving your health through diet, exercise and stress reduction; to coordinating complex medical treatments, navigating recovery or managing a chronic illness. I support people by helping them implement a care plan during process that is compassionate, informative, motivating and transformative. I will teach you how to advocate for yourself and have more clarity and motivation to continue on a path that energizes and inspires you. 

*As a graduate from the University of Miami’s Patient Advocacy Program, I passed the Patient Advocacy Certification Board exams and am a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA). I am a member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.